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Rose Muhando says it in ‘Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda’

October 15, 2019 at 11:53
Rose Muhando says it in 'Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda'

Rose Muhando is really doing it as she brings on Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda. The Tanzanian gospel who has been out the industry for sometime is truly back with a bang as she is releasing hit by hit.

Rose Muhando has been ailing for sometime and the kind of energy she is back with is just proof that she ain’t leaving the industry any time. The talented singer brings her signature tune on Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda.

To start with, in this jam, Rose Muhando is asking where are those who are fighting them as they have won the battle. She is calling on haters to see their victory beyond victory.

Message and relevance of Tumeshinda Zaidi Ya Kushinda

Rose Muhando says it in 'Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda'

Also, deeper into the song Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda, Muhando describes the victory and am sure this is in line with her music career.

In this song Muhando has also praised those who have helped her in her victory journey. As most of her time she has been in Kenya and her music as well is played here.

Rose Muhando is a music icon in the gospel industry and as per now. She has woken her sleeping talent and is already doing it like the older days.

Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda is a victory song that most people are relating with today. In addition, the victory message is giving hope to the believers. Tumeshinda zaidi ya Kushinda has come at the right time.

In addition to the great message in Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda , Rose Muhando has come back with her energy. You all know how her dances are.

Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda comes at a time when the gospel industry is experiencing hitches. Most people do not know the gospel they went to preach but with Muhando it is more of a testimony.

In conclusion, Rose Muhando in Tumeshinda Zaidi ya Kushinda gets a rating of 6/10.

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