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Rose Muhando’s “Yesu Karibu Kwangu” will take you back to church(Video)

October 15, 2019 at 11:53
Rose Muhando of Yese Karibu kwangu

While people were busy with “parte after parte after parte”, Rose Muhando dropped a new song- Yesu Karibu Kwangu. Muhando  who has in the recent past released two songs ;Seemingly has received a renewed sense of energy in the gospel industry.

The song that is 100% likely to be a worship anthem has been well received by the fans.

It is a simple worship song, full of emotions but ideal for a prayer session especially when one feels too overwhelmed to pray.

It is the kind of song that speaks what the heart is feeling.Rose has been keen to bring that out.


It is set in a very arid-like place with some of the characters dressed and chained like real slaves while others the masters.

I must say the suffering looks so real; the pain, misery, oppression and suffering is so well written in the video.

It is such a sad song that one almost loses hope for the slaves but then in the last few seconds  a bright light from heaven appears to them. The 6 minute video looks just like a whole hour movie.

The make up artist does such a good job in terms of making the vixens and Muhando herself look the part.


The song done by Rose is simple and direct in terms of lyrics.

It’s the prayer of the Nibebe star, inviting Christ into her life to comfort her through her misery and to lift her burdens.

Mfariji Njoo

Mtetezi njoo

Mtoshelevu njoo

Baba yangu

It’s a prayerful cry with very little singing besides the chorus. The stanzas richly punctuated with the prayers of the Tanzanian artist. This makes this song ideal for a worship as you can easily customize the stanzas to fit in your personal prayers.

The background vocalists have done a splendid job as their sounds smoothly blend with the mood of the song.

I strongly advise that you grab a handkerchief before you watch it, especially if you know you are an emotional person.

Rating 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.






  1. Rose Muhando’s “Yesu Karibu Kwangu” will take you back to church(Video) – VIP Celebrities : October 15, 2019 at 1:36 pm


  2. I listened to the chorus ,actually I found myself on the ground crying.
    Mungu Wa shadrack meshack awe bia na Rose muhando pamoja na wazaidizi wake.
    Maombi bia kwa wadeni wake ,wanao mutakia Malaya, mungu Wa amani awape ufunuo Wa kupatilika.

  3. The is so captivating song.I think Rose has sung after her tribulations she went through.Nice .

  4. Rose Muhando’s “Yesu Karibu Kwangu” will take you back to church(Video) – Kenyan Digest : October 15, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    […] Source link […]

  5. Nice song

  6. Phanice Nafula : October 16, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    It’s completely awesome. God bless Rose and expound her territory as you did in times of Jabez. She has come from far and that song can really touch every body. God bless us as listeners too

  7. She’s demonstrating what she’s gone through. Thank you dear Jesus our sister is well again. Never let go of God’s hands no matter what. God bless u Rose

  8. God bless you Rose.Weeping in a sack cloth and ashes,God must surely answers your prayers

  9. May God remember Rose. She is in chains and desires Gods deliverance. Let us all pray for her. Our God is able. We love you woman of God.

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