Ruth Kamande infamous for stabbing her boyfriend 22 times excels in 2017 KCSE

December 22, 2017 at 13:24
Ruth Kamande infamous for stabbing her boyfriend 22 times excels in 2017 KCSE

Ruth Kamande shot to fame after she killed her 24-year-old boyfriend on September 20th 2015 at their house in Buru Buru, Nairobi.

Ruth stabbed her boyfriend Fareed Ahmed 22 times following a quarrel over text messages on his phone. She has been remanded at Langata women prison for the last two years.

The Miss Langata 2016 is still making headlines behind bars. Ruth was among top performers of the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

A- behind bars

Ruth Kamande is among the 901 girls countrywide who scored a mean grade of A- minus. She excelled despite sitting for her exams at Langata women prison.

Apart from being a prison beauty, Ruth is also a trained paralegal and now an A- student. She revealed that she decided to train as a paralegal to gain knowledge to help her in her case.

“In prison, there are so many opportunities which comprise the reform programmes. So there is education that is provided, formal education, I do paralegal training which has helped me with my case which I’m still handling. They also give you an opportunity to explore your talents,” Ruth Kamande said in an interview with KTN in 2016.





  1. Congratulation gal… Evrythn happens for a reason.

  2. This girl is a sociopath,I hope she never gets out.Let her die in jail.She and lulu Michael deserve to die in jail.Unfortunately the Tanzanian court gave lulu s pussy pass coz of beauty

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