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Ruthless! Zari’s responds to a fan claiming Nillan is Ivan’s biological son

May 23, 2018 at 11:04
Ruthless! Zari's responds to a fan claiming Nillan is Ivan's biological son

Critics still insinuate that Zari Hassan’s last born son Prince Nillan was fathered by her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga.

These claims are not new, Diamond was forced to take paternity test to prove Tiffah was his sweat and blood after several people including Ivan himself claimed the kid was not his.

Diamond broke down in tears upon receiving the results of the DNA test. Critics were silenced by the results which showed Tiffah was his biological daughter.

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Now Nillan!
Diamond Platnumz with his son Prince Nillan

Diamond Platnumz with his son Prince Nillan

Haters were at it again when Nillan was born, people claiming Ivan fathered the kid even going on to share photos to prove Nillan and Ivan look alike.

A detractor recently commented on Nillan’s photo claiming that he was Ivan’s kid, Zari’s response was priceless! The mother of five told the critic that it wasn’t a big deal even if Nillan was Ivan’s son.

“Kwani akiwa wa Ivan tatizo liko wapi?” Zari responded.



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  1. People should mind what concerns them.Furthermore i really don’t think talking or lets say “gossiping” about peoples families is news in the first place.That is abuse of journalism.Look for real news.That isnt new.Or preferably start with your family then.

  2. get them zari!! these haters out here trying to bring you down
    that was the perfect response.. you go Miss boss lady..

  3. Wonder what the fuck is wrong with people guy as so busy focusing with people’s lives than there’s,jealous go kill them big time.Zari you go gal mind your own swts.

  4. Loosers have nothing to do jaz minding pples business and families. Zari will remain to be stronger than ever

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