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Sailors Gang Ex-Member Lexxy Yung Asks For Advice On How To Stop Craving For Drugs After Opting For Gospel Music

January 19, 2021 at 16:21
Sailors Gang Ex-Member Lexxy Yung Asks For Advice On How To Stop Craving For Drugs After Opting For Gospel Music

After gaining popularity with the popular Gengetone group ‘Sailors’, Lexxy Yung decided to part ways with them and has opted to move from secular music to Gospel.

The group gained popularity after the release of ‘Wamlambez’ over a year ago.

Lexxy Yung- Photo credits- Google

In an Instagram post, Lexxie Yung seems to be asking for advice on how to stop doing drugs,

” The struggle is real,, anyone with any advice on how to cure craving za mafegi na magwai.”

This comes after the young lad acted maturely and hailed Mwalimu Rachael for building the group.

He addressed the public beef that they had last year. He gave an example of how families quarrel and asked for her forgiveness on behalf of Sailors.

“Nataka kuapologisia madam mmoja anaitwa Mwalimu Rachael ametufikisha hapa kama group, amenijenga kama Lexxy Yung…Beef zilikuwa mingi last year…Tumetoana mbali, wasee huzozana, familia pia huzozana…Kama tulikuhurt teacher bana me naweza sema pole, hope unaweza niforgive, hope unaweza forgive mabro zangu…We are still young and making mistakes and learning from them.”

Last year, Mwalimu Rachael clashed with the group after they allegedly decided to sign under a record label without informing her.

Sailors Gang- Photo credits- Google

Mwalimu Rachael was disappointed by the move and withheld the login details to their social media accounts. She also withheld the group’s YouTube channel logins, forcing them to create new ones.

Mwalimu Rachael later parted ways with them officially. She wished the group all the best under their new management.

We are eagerly waiting for a Gospel hit song by this lad. It will probably be called maombez!





  1. welcome to the kingdom lexxy, Jesus Christ is the best thing that can happen to anyone,He’s the perfect shepherd n will lead you& your music career to more glory. Just stay in Him n dont look back to the “world” you’ve left…as we uphold you in prayer remember to also pray as God sets us free even from drug addiction. Way to go by apologising n asking for forgiveness it’s wise & biblical as shown in mathew 6:14 & 1john 1:9 Shalom

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