Saint Stevoh, a Kenyan gospel musician who’s actually worth your time

February 28, 2019 at 18:54
Saint Stevoh, a Kenyan gospel musician who's actually worth your time

Like many people, I seldom listen to Kenyan gospel music because, as you know, most local gospel artists are not in the habit of praising God in their songs.

There’s a common joke that they just write a song a throw in the words ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ or ‘Bible’ in the lyrics and it’s good to go. But that’s a story for another day.

Not that I am a staunch Christian but I’ve had to listen to international gospel music on many occasions because I couldn’t find any local gospel music that was actually worth my time.


This was long before I discovered Saint Stevoh – who is among the few Kenyan gospel musicians who are actually using their talents to praise God.

I was first introduced to his music in 2015 after listening to a song that he had done with Elsie and Ambassada dubbed Nitakuinua and I’ve been hooked to his music since then.

Just like wine, Saint Stevoh keeps getting better as the days go by. Last year, he released a collabo with Tanzania’s Christina Shusho dubbed Mifupa Mikavu. The song topped local and regional charts and grew his fan base.

He may be underrated and unappreciated but Saint Stevoh is without a doubt one of Kenya’s best gospel artists. It’s only a matter of time before the world pays homage to him.

Listen to his latest single Neno below.





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  2. He is indeed one of the best I love his music

  3. You are right, this artist is underrated. His music is based on the word of God, catchy tunes and yet very relevant for today.

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