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Sanaipei Tande: I’ve been dumped twice

June 03, 2019 at 12:36
Sanaipei Tande: I’ve been dumped twice

´Aziza´ hitmaker, Sanaipei Tande comes out to reveal her multiple love circles that have seen her get dumped twice.

Speaking up and close to Willis Raburu on 10 over 10, the Kenyan songbird discloses:

Asante kwa Kunitema, which is loosely translated to [thanks for dumping me] is a story of my life.

Most of us are being embarrassed about being dumped.

I’ve been dumped twice but sometimes being dumped is actually a blessing in disguise.

Because it means you find somebody who treats you better.

It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed about saying ‘I’ve been dumped´.

Getting dumped for her, does not mean she is not worth any of the love.

It simply tells her that someone who actually values her is on the way.

Therefore encouraging all to avoid any embarrassment that comes their way.

That the sultry singer explains is the meaning and reason behind her jam ´Asante kwa Kunitema´


Sana now graces the circle of ´single ladies´for more than 6 years, after getting dumped by ex, Andrew Manga having dated for 5 years.

According to her, the affair was not in any way profitable neither leading to positive growth, previously speaking to Dr Ofweneke.

I really loved Manga.

But I realized I was not growing in the relationship.

It was not adding value.

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The singer-cum-actress however expresses that she would love to get married to share her life with someone and not because of society´s pressure.





  1. What the…
    Clearly some men lack taste, with such a personality, beauty and voice I’d break the bank, swim oceans just to be with such a princess.

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