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Sassy singer forced to rehab for the 2nd time due to alcoholism

September 07, 2017 at 10:36
Sassy singer forced to rehab for the 2nd time due to alcoholism

Back in 2004 pop group sema was the it thing after winning Coca Cola Pop Stars talent search. The group which ensemble Sanaipei Tande, Pam Waithaka, and Kevin Waweru dropped Leta Wimbo which saw these young talents raise to the top in East Africa.

However in 2005, the group split and each member took a solo career but out of the three members only Sanaipei Tande managed to stay popular in the entertainment industry.

From what we hear is that Kevo went back to school and Pam sort out to doing her own music but things did not work out as planned. She is however now said to be struggling with alcohol addiction which has seen her get admitted to rehab not just once but twice.

Word on the street is that she is now getting treatment at the Serenity Place Rehabilitation Centre in Kahawa Sukari after falling back into alcoholism. According to Word is which spoke to a close source of the lady, the lady has been battling with alcoholism which has brought her life to a stand still.

“Pam is admitted in rehab following prolonged alcoholism. She is admitted in the rehab for the second time following several relapses.”

Her whereabouts have however been kept on the low but we are hoping to get more information once she is out of rehab – hopefully soon. She now joins the likes of OJ and many other celebrities struggling with drug addiction in the country.






  1. someone should assist her this is so unfortunate

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