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Sauti Sol, Catherine Kamau among Kenyan celebs who have joined calls to end Libya’s slave trade of Africans

November 29, 2017 at 09:19
Sauti Sol, Catherine Kamau among Kenyan celebs who have joined calls to end Libya's slave trade of Africans

Black people are being sold off in slave markets in Libya and the international community is not treating the issue with the seriousness it deserves.

The modern-day slavery in Libya has been fueled by instability in the north African country. Refugees and migrants use Libya as a conduit for reaching Europe.

Militias in Libya have taken advantage of the situation to make money. Most refugees and migrants from West Africa have been arrested and sold off in slave markets in Libya.

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West African men are being auctioned off as slaves in various towns in Libya. A CNN footage recently showed the sale of a dozen men in a courtyard outside the country’s capital, Tripoli.

Celebrities react

Several global celebrities have spoken against the modern-day slavery in Libya. Celebs are using their influence to implore governments to take action.

Kenyan celebrities have also joined calls to end slavery in Libya. The likes of Sauti Sol, Kobi Kihara, Sleepy David etc have all raised their voices against what’s happening in Libya.

Kobi Kihara: I’ve tried to IGNORE this story hoping it was not true or it will go away because someone did something fast and it ended, well it’s not going away, it’s not over by a long shot and it’s absolutely ridiculous that the wheels are turning so slowly despite United Nations chief Antonio Guterres saying he was “horrified” & African Union chief Alpha Conde saying it’s an “outrage” and reports coming out that everybody knew and did nothing. I’m so upset! Sign the petition at and make sure everybody especially Fayez al-Serraj hears your voice~ Link in bio???? #Slavery2017 #FULibya #StopTheNonsense #KobiWithAnEye

Mishi Dorah: Wickedness is understatement…Say no to slavery… God!!! This is barbaric….. let’s all condemn slavery in Lybia and any other part of the world… let’s be our brothers keeper… I’m in tears ?? #dorahtheafricanexplorah

Sleepy David: Libya ? it shall be well in Jesus Name #AfricaRiseUp #Pray #speakupforthevoiceless #notoslavery #repost

Catherine Kamau: ?? we have to make noise about this, something must be done, dear lord keep our brothers in Libya safe, deliver them. ??

Sauti Sol: If you’re reading this, join us in saying enough is enough! #endslavetradeinlibya



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  1. This is just heartbreaking

  2. Unbelievable and sad,how can this be happening in 2017?

  3. This is UNACCEPTABLE STOP it Libya

  4. This is so unfortunate


  6. Stone age!!
    cant believe this is happening.
    African States must rise against this stuff. it sucks!!

  7. i think black people must stand up and fight for themselves.everyday black people abused by other races

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