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Sauti Sol counterattack after Khaligraph´s online diss

July 05, 2019 at 12:06
Sauti Sol counterattack after Khaligraph´s online diss

Papa Jones attacks Sauti Sol members before they clap back at him.

Khaligraph is building his muscles pretty fast for anyone to keep up with.

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Whether he is on steroids or this is actually the sweat of his hardwork, we wouldn´t know.

However, to emphasize on his productive gym visits, he decides to take shots at Sauti Sol band members slamming:

Mkono Yangu Moja inatoshana na Miguu Za Wasee wote wa Sauti Sol Kama zimeshikanishwa pamoja,

OG is OG, kitaeleweka,

Meanwhile Leave Me Alone is Still Banging, The OG shall be respected #mrinternational

Posing next to his well-built gym instructor, he shares:

Unfortunately, Sauti Sol did not shy away from launching counter attacks after clapping back:

@savarafrica Wewe umenona tangu utoke Kayole wewe.

Stairs umeshindwa kupanda. Hata jab huwezi rusha. Ni mutiomo kubwa tu !!!!


@itsmefancyfingers Head to head. Me and you. Mafans wamesema ndio. Au sio??


@iamchimano Haiya!


khali anadhani hatujui hawa wasee wamepiga gym hawananga hiyo stuff😂


hes behiving so immature


Ata ya ethic yote😂😂😂🔥


Sauti sol hamjambiwa poa.😂😂😂


OG Gathee 😂😂😂🙌🔥🔥🔥

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