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Sauti Sol savagely clap back at fan who claimed ´Insecure´ was pathetic

May 26, 2020 at 13:21
Sauti Sol savagely clap back at fan who claimed ´Insecure´ was pathetic

It goes without saying, that not everyone will like you. Sauti Sol released their latest track dubbed Insecure which was loved and hated in equal measure.

The melody is one song from the boy band´s album truck labeled Midnight Train that is set for release on Friday, June 5th.

Insecure was meant to speak to our flaws, our insecurities, that which we grapple with in our everyday lives, that which we struggle to come to terms with, even though it is but the reality.

Kenyan afro-pop boy band, Sauti Sol

Each of the band members came clean about their insecurities and just to mention a few: for Bien, his frail body frame back in high-school and feeling inadequate in his marriage came out strongest.

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Anyway, the song is a little mild – according to me – if I am to compare the recent track to the likes of: Suzanna for example. But that doesn´t mean I dislike it, it just didn´t hit my soft spot like Suzanna did.

Sauti Sol´s Suzanna

A couple of fans have loved it, especially since it speaks to their insecurities and the fact that the song shed light on life´s realities that we tend to push into the dark.


However, there was this fan, unreserved, who bluntly told Sauti Sol that Insecure is ´flat´. Yes flat, like there are no additives or stuff to spice it up to the fan´s taste.

Music sensation, Sauti Sol

To explain and emphasize his point further, the fan stated:

Yaani very boring, Pathetic and waste of space.

Ouch! That did hurt.

But honesty is rare and a characteristic only a few bare. The fan was just being honest about what they felt and there is nothing wrong with giving your opinion.

However, Sauti Sol were not going to table the fans´ honesty, brushing them off, asking them to probably wait for the next release that might impress them. Or rather, the entire album.

Sauti Sol

To which fans responded:

themwangiera Uyu ako insecure juu hakuelewa message 😂😂 I love how you guys never fall into the hate world! Your music is AWESOME! Greetings from México. 🇲🇽❤️


yvonneafrostreet Taste insecurities… ear needs to be checked too
I mean… there’s always that one comment for clout 😏😏😏


shehendy I bet it was his first insecure time to use the word ‘Oomph’ poor chap.. regardless we move


omarybiggygao The Answr is Dope…..🙌
mokeira_h But you can express your opinion with some decency!Insecure maybe 🙃.Love the jam!
lchenderson2010 They must be musically challenged, poor baby, pray for dem 🙌😂❤️





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