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Sauti Sol’s Savara narrates life threatening experience with SARS during his stay in Nigeria

October 23, 2020 at 19:32
Sauti Sol's Savara narrates life threatening experience with SARS during his stay in Nigeria

Sauti Sol’s Savara has ever come across the so called Nigerian police officers known as the SARS.  According to the internet the SARS are the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) used to help reduce robbery in the country; however judging from the stories shared online, this is not what they have been doing.

So far we have seen Nigerians beg for help as they fear for their lives following the ongoing battle between the youths and SARS. Yes, this is scary and if you thought the internet has been exaggerating, wait till you hear Savara’s story.

In a post shared by Savara Mudigi, he goes on to narrate his personal experience with the SARS that almost left him begging for his life.

Vocalist, producer and drummer, Delvin ‘Savara’ Mudigi

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Savara opens up

In the post the Sauti Sol singer goes on to open up saying;

Many of you might not know this but I have had a personal experience with SARS. I had travelled to Lagos to shoot the video of Susanna and after the shoot, I decided to go listen to bangers in the club. BIG MISTAKE.

The singer goes on to add;

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On the way to the club our vehicle was stopped by SARS. They forced us out of the car and told us to lie on the ground. Being foreigners, Mzwa and I heavily prayed for our lives. All I heard were sounds of guns being cocked. I dont know where i would be if it wasn’t for the few dollars I had in my pocket.

Worst experience

The singer goes on to reveal that this was one of the worst experience he had ever experienced in his life. According to Savara, these SARS left him feeling like a terrorist; yet Nigeria has always been Sauti Sol’s second home.





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