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Savage! Akothee ridicules Pastor Ng´ang´a for his arrogant remarks in church

June 03, 2019 at 13:50
Savage! Akothee ridicules Pastor Ng´ang´a for his arrogant remarks in church

Madam Boss, Akothee savagely mocks City Pastor James Ng´ang´a for his controversial remarks in church, calling him ´Allogan´.

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Up on her Instagram page, the no-nonsense singer captions:

Not everyday is your day in church, someday its for lubbish and allogans.

When I think of going to church and meet lubish and allogans as the topic of the day I feel heavy hearted , then I say NENO💪

[Dholuo bit] When I am calling His name (God) I should not joke about it,

He is God the great. It’s true He is the one who clothes my nakedness.

The mother of 5 who is currently in Europe, got a glimpse of the Pastor´s drama during a church service and quickly dropped her sarcastic remarks.


The pastor walked up to the pulpit, got hold of the microphone and started dishing out insults to the bishops present, before the congregation.

Pastor James Ng´ang´a has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, with publicity stunts and even death threats to personalities.

Well, he got it rough this time round after netizens did not spare him for his scathing remarks yet he is a ´Man of God´.

Mixed reactions

Despite his arrogant statements in church and all the abuses, i consider him a gentleman too.

Cz he is ready to loose church members by standing firm with the wife which most men cant.

He has set boundaries in his life and demands respect for the wife bcz she is his choice not the choice of the public.


And you will still find people attending that church come Sunday 😥

So I don’t know who is more allogant,the fools who go to listen to another fool or what 🤔it’s sad🤡


@albethrine if they went to the church with matutas and now they are blessed driving and with good homes, why will they not still go?

How much trash we take in work places and 10 years later we keep going..


@albethrine actually if you pass by neno right now you will see members still in church and others living, it seems today was a good day for them🤣🤣🤣


Na ukumbuke akikohoa unaamka…. Mmmh!! Think twice


Wacha tuishi SDA, katoliki, indipendence na ACK zile tulionyeshwa na granny’s zetu…

hii Mambo ya viosk hatuwez…


@jacklinechombatrue churches, guys should ditch this business based churches


I’d rather have a man like this who stands by me no matter what at least he’s human n he was really mad I guess

@fmkimongo he was a momngiki those who use to kill people got arrested then was released ,
Later on we heard he was saved ,this man my spirit never liked him even his channel too I hate with passion.
That’s why i don’t go to church🙄
@_nasra001 point 👏👏👏 u are so intelligent. Some here are just judging him as an allogant without getting a full story of what happened 2 his wife
@azim_lory_hyperno matter what happened to his wife his status is man of God
And because of that he is supposed to carry himself within certain precepts that are clearly laid down in the holy book.
Hana adabu kwani yeye ndie MUNGU BABA au YESU?
ifike wakati wakristo tusiyumbishwe na hawa manabii wa uongo tusimame tubaki kwenye dini zetu au madhehebu ya asili.😤😤😤
Who the f… Is this guy?? Ati Mke wake aheshimiwe na Wanawake 😳Aki Afrika watu wanaogopa Watu kama hawa but why?!!
Europe Angekua Church yake Empty kwani bila ya hao anaowatusi hangekua hapo




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