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Savage! Kenyan OG, Khaligraph wildly turns down love confession

September 09, 2019 at 12:25
Savage! Kenyan OG, Khaligraph wildly turns down love confession

Khaligraph Jones is a family man and does not want to be a part of the celebrity routine of philandering mannerisms.

He makes this public for as long as fans keep bogging him down with crazy love confessions. He is a father, a husband and busy making his music brand International.

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An lady identified as ‘Angel’, apparently approached Khaligraph on social media through the comment section suggesting on ‘tying the knot’ with him.

According to Angel she is hunting for a man who she can love and get loved by because where she hails from, there are no serious men.

She penned:

Naitwa Angel Jordan ni mtanzania naishi Canada natamani nipate mwanaume mkweli tuishi wote huku maana wengi huku si waaminifu. Kuhusu Visa tutayapanga. Plz uwe serious. (My name is Angela Jordan I am Tanzanian but I live in Canada. I would like to meet a true and serious man whom we can live with because most guys here are not faithful. About a Visa, we shall arrange. Please be  serious)

Funny how temptations just come in when least expected. Just when we’re savoring the best of our moments and popping champagne to celebrate that extra step taken in our lives.

Khaligraph hasn’t been spared either. Just when he had finally settled, and pretty happy to raise his small family, do temptations strike at their best.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depends with how you look at it) the Kayole artist wasn’t at his best of moods. It was that time of the month when you entertain no nonsense from anybody.

So he fired back at the ‘Angel’ lady in 4 precise words:

matako wewe toka apa. (You a** get out of here)

Could be his spark has been ignited by the unending beef between him and boy band, Sauti Sol over who has more muscle than the other.

Khaligraph Jones (Centre) and Kenyan boy band, Sauti Sol





  1. wanataka wateke legend wetu wapeleke majuu Hyo n u f**kin
    OG ni OG Msee

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