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Savage: Miguna Miguna deported wearing a pair of slippers, Kenyans react!

February 08, 2018 at 13:14
Savage: Miguna Miguna deported wearing a pair of slippers, Kenyans react!

Miguna Miguna was deported yesterday in the wee hours of the night after refusing to take plea on the case filed against him.

His deportation however left many shocked as no one was expecting the government to pull such a stunt.

Word has it that Miguna Miguna he was sent away wearing the same clothes he had worn during his arrest.

Miguna deported with no luggage

Looking at the photos making rounds on social media, the fella is seen wearing the popular red bathroom slippers. This has left many on social media talking especially after the savage move.

Others where quick to assume that the fella had not showered for 5 days hence the memes.





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  2. Kenya is just a funny country

  3. Haha alikua anaenda bafu akashikwa na kupandishwa ndege hivo

  4. Only in kenya where citizens are deported

  5. Politics is a dirty game

  6. cheza na serikali uone

  7. Angeendelea kukaa huyu angeuliwa

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