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“He has secrets, he now has three gals” KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo opens up about his son and daughter for the first time

May 09, 2017 at 14:22
“He has secrets, he now has three gals” KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo opens up about his son and daughter for the first time

KTN crime reporter Dennis Onsarigo is arguably among the few media personalities in the country who have managed to keep their private lives away from limelight.

Onsarigo has however opened up about his family; the father of two has been mesmerized by how his kids have grown up so fast.

The Onsarigos

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The KTN reporter says that he is tight with his son Andy, he confided in him that he had three girls in his life. And his wife doesn’t know about it.

For Seanice (his daughter) Onsarigo revealed that she keeps her secret from him. Apparently she is very cautious of her dad poking his nose into her business.

“I was coming back from my morning run when I ran into the one on your right ( Andy), he was on the move, bag on his back; a quick hi dad and off he left. The one at center was yet to leave, met her rushing down the stairs, “hi dad” she disappeared into the kitchen. They got me thinking; they have lives, they have plans, friends, dreams. Andy teases me a lot when he says he is better than me ?, he beats me in PS, he asks me why I support politicians, he wonders why I should get home late. He has secrets ? we are boys like that. He even says he can do with an extra pillow- my body- when he wants to sleep.?He now has three gals in his life; mum doesn’t need to know he keeps on reminding me. Seanice has her own secrets, every time I probe she says “Dad, mind your biz, jeez”. The other day I walked into her bedroom, she was chatting with her friends; “dad i’am on phone, do you mind?”? Kids complete us in many ways, sometimes we get so busy we forget they are growing and that they are busy too. But they say treat people who come into your life like you would your kids-people show up in your space in different shapes and shades; bruised, triumphant, defeated, hopeful, name it; But they do it for a reason, find out why-you just never know whom they will end up with. Kids are a reflection of us.

Dennis Onsarigo with his daughter and son

“They also say: People tell you who they are but we ignore it; because we want to let them be who we want them to be.

“Life has a way of humbling us, revealing our weakest side but again gives us a chance to be our best. Seize the best in life; you only have one life to live… not for long.✍️ it has to start somewhere, where you left it. ??.” Dennis Onsarigo wrote.


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