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Senator Sakaja praises Ethic, says he loves their new jam “Figa”

June 28, 2019 at 10:55
Senator Sakaja praises Ethic, says he loves their new jam "Figa"

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Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has joined hundreds of thousands of youths who support Ethic Entertainment.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Citizen the politician confessed that Ethic and Ochungulo Family are the new kids on the block who are proving to very talented.

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“It’s (Figa) become a very popular song, the video was done very well. There are people who might debate the content, but I think it’s expression and it’s art and we must support our young artists,” said Sakaja.

Many people have said that Ethic’s songs lack content. Sakaja said that people who share such believes don’t understand the music because they are not in the target market.

“We have a classification, we have music that is appropriate for a particular age, so if you choose and that is your type of stuff then enjoy it.” he added. 


Sajaka urged Kenyans to continue supporting talent because it helps youth get employment. He said Ethic would have fallen into crime if they didn’t to music.

“These young guys were about to fall into crime if you know their story very well, but today they are earning a living, so young people should follow their example,” he added. 


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