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Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.

October 28, 2019 at 15:33
Sesa song by Shay Diva featuring Ethic and Boondocks.

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Sesa beat by Ethic, Bondocks and Shay Diva is an interesting jam that brings out a party mood. Shay Diva introduces the song in a hidden meaningful way. She says she’s not the type of girls who’d adore flowers, which is more of her signature.

She goes ahead to sing a train is going fast, which defines the smoke of bhang. Ethic sings she’s full of smoke and redness in her eyes. ‘Niko tu mamoshi vile nimenyanya,’ such a hidden theory of sheng.

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The message in Sesa will blow your mind

Ethic continues the lead saying on how the party can be lit with good twerking. Sesa narrates on how the twerking style could leave many necks unturned.

With such figurative beauty they sing they’d love to see who’d be the lucky guy. The artist sings that no matter the ego of the beautiful girl, he must have fun with the beauty around him.

‘Cheki nakutambua msupa nakusugua,ata ukiringa bado nakuchambua ata ukichimba msupa nakutambua.’ Wow, what a chasing night indeed it’s a lit party.


Sesa chorus part of the hit jam takes the title of the party song, ‘sesa.’ It is just a summary of repetition of the title part of the song. ‘Seswa kitekwa.’

Shay Diva continues the lead, ‘niite dem wa mpesa unatoa ama unaweka.’  She says she loves the withdrawal theory of fun and in the club she really lead.

The artist sings she does not love a playful relationship or rather cheating, because she’ll revenge with your dad. ‘Ng’ang’o na mavela ukinichepa na sepa budayako namkemba na mastingo tunasesa.’

Boondocks comes in with such lively energy. The lead continues narrating on how high he is, ‘tumenyanya tunapiga tot za mang’ang’o za murang’a.’

The artist continues with the invite of one to come to the party with a bottle of konyagi, he’s got enough khat. He sings for him the party is lit especially with the fun of twerking ladies aroung him.

‘Zangu zimenice cheki haga kwa kibanda, itisha ice mzinga ya guarana.’ After the whole fun indeed the class hallucination of the party is real.

In conclusion, song was well done by the group. The video was well done in relation to the lyrical flow of the song.  The mood the song brings out indeed it’s a real and live party mood. Thumbs up.

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