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‘Seska is very much alive’ Ethic confirms

September 11, 2019 at 08:26
‘Seska is very much alive’ Ethic confirms

Seska, one of the members of popular group Ethic, is not dead has reported earlier on social media.

There was confusion yesterday afternoon after the other members of the crew took to social media to send out a condolence message to their close friend and Seska wasn’t in the video.


This caused an uproar on Twitter as people assumed they were talking about Seska’s death.

The group quickly communicated that Sesska was alive through Twitter setting the record straight.

“Seska is very much okay. they lost a friend to the group and when they shot the video sending out their condolence message Seska was not there and that is why the rumors started. it is just a miscommunication. Unfortunatley we can disclose on who they lost for now.” they said. 




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