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Sexual frustration or regret? Betty Kyallo drunk dials her exes

May 06, 2020 at 11:32
Sexual frustration or regret? Betty Kyallo drunk dials her exes

You have to hand it to Betty Kyallo because for better or worse, she knows how to keep it real. She never dials down who she is for any of her fans online and that is why she has managed to grow her brand and attract followers.
In her recent admission of who she is, Betty Kyallo revealed that whenever she gets drunk, she drunk dials her exes. That includes Denis Okari, Mombasa Governor (or so it is alleged) and her most recent lover. What makes this interesting aside from imagining how the conversation goes, is realizing that even women as famous as Betty Kyallo still bear the same insecurities the rest of us do.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

And Betty Kyallo revealing this fun fact about her actually reveals a hell of a lot more than she wants to put out there. Because when we analyze what she said, it tells us two things; the first being her desperation and the second being her sexual frustration.
Let us first delve into the desperation aspect first.

Betty Kyallo’s heartwarming gesture for healthcare workers at Mbagathi Hospital (Photos)

Betty Kyallo revealed that when she calls her exes, it is usually to ask why the relationship ended. Why they broke up. This reveals a level of desperation. An acute awareness of the reality that she might be running out of time to set up and establish a family of her own. And for the love of God, do not tell me about her being a single mother cutting it. Her own househelp spoke up and raised doubt on this setup working for Betty Kyallo. Who the househelp felt is not the best of mothers but I will not comment on that.
And as a result, she is trying to investigate why she cannot get her own “happily ever after”.

betty kyallo and dennis okari

Dennis Okari (right) and Betty Kyallo´s daughter, Ivanna (left)

No hurry, nachukua vitu pole pole! What Betty Kyalo wants before getting married again

When Betty Kyallo and her ex-husband Dennis Okari divorced, she went on a concerted exercise of painting him as the problem. When she gave her interview to the popular female magazine, she depicted Dennis Okari as an emotionally vacant man who left her high and dry even on their traditional wedding day. And she did so without accounting for her role in the messed relationship which left feminists feeling vindicated that he, the man, was the problem.
But now, Okari is happily married and Betty has moved on from relationship to relationship like a bad smell wafting through a bus when the driver cuts the cheese. Okari, on the other hand, seems to have a more stable family life even though he and his wife co-parent with Betty Kyallo at her whim mind you.

Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

Then she moved on (allegedly) with the Governor and even this was a shortlived dalliance with reports of the breakup painting her as a woman who is all about upward social mobility through the men she is with. The callous manner in which she dealt with her marriage as she monkey branched to Bwana Governor was also very off-putting. then after that situation ended, she was rumoured to have dated a businessman -a fact that we must note, she denied.
And we saw her run around with a man of the Indian persuasion whom she would tease in her social media profile. Whenever she would tease the man, it was as they went on a “baecation” or as she showed off her gifts from the man which included an Audemars Piguet watch.

dennis okari and betty kyallo's wedding

Then she ended up with the latest ex, a man of Cushitic extraction. This man was her rock when she and her family went through a trying period as her daughter was seriously ill and even had to be put up in the ICU. And after a few months, that situation is over.

And the desperation is setting in as Betty Kyallo’s hindbrain is beginning to awake to the realization that she is the greater common denominator. So she revisits her relationships, some of which ended humiliatingly to try and understand what caused them to end…

I smell desperation.

And going on into the sexual frustration aspect of my argument, we can look at the question of why a woman who feels she is at the top of her sexual marketplace value, is calling exes when she gets drunk instead of getting called up by new, more eligible bachelors. The well is drying up and the thirst is getting real.
The only reason for people to live in the past is that the past holds more prospects than the present. People who feel optimistic about the future seldom dwell on the past.

betty kyallo and her cushitic lover

And as we all know, nyege hazina adabu. So perhaps Bety Kyallo calling her exes is her seeing whether they will be receptive to her advances. As Biggie Smalls once famously trapped, “Some say the ex/ makes the sex/spectacular!” so maybe Betty is trying to see whether there is room for her to make a comeback.

Then again, this is just a hypothesis. But one thing that’s for certain, she is not doing better on the relationship and familial front than the one ex she completely humiliated, Dennis Okari.

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