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“Shame on you!” Mercy Masika bashes gospel artists for turning their music career to businesses

September 16, 2020 at 20:12
Eko Dydda with Mercy Masika

Mercy Masika is a talented artist that has reached out to millions through her music. Unlike the Gengetone and hype music this lady has perfected gospel music and is now ranked among the top artists in Kenya.

With this, Mercy Masika who has been in the music industry for long has come out to bash fellow artists for using the gospel industry as a money making machine.

In a detailed post shared on her social media pages; Mercy went on to reveal that music released by these young artists lacks inspiration. According to the lady, this type of music cannot speak or bless those who listen to it; making the songs useless to true believers.

Mercy Masika

As seen on her post the lady wrote;

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The reason much of today’s music lacks inspiration and memorability is that people have blurred the lines and turned music into too much of a business. It takes moral courage to remain true to inspire, impact and be true to who you are called to be.

Trust the process

To those afraid of putting in effort then reaping the fruits in the end; Mercy went on to advise them that it’s better to take time – instead of misleading the crowd with songs released to make money.

The gospel artist went on to add saying;

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And even though remaining true may sometimes take time to pay…it pays very well. There’s a confidence that comes from being true.




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