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Sharon Otieno’s mum: I warned Sharon to stop dating politician after she got pregnant

September 07, 2018 at 07:45
Sharon Otieno's mum: I warned Sharon to stop dating politician after she got pregnant

Sharon Otieno’s mother has come out to share that she had warned her daughter do stop dating the politician who allegedly killed her.

Speaking to the media, Melida Auma said that she told her daughter to leave the politician after she got pregnant but she claimed he had promised him a house and a take care of her child.

“I remember at her early stages of pregnancy, I asked her to tell us who was responsible for it and she told me it was Governor Obado. At one time she even said he had promised to buy her a house, take care of her pregnancy and the baby when it was born,” Auma said.



Sharon Otieno was abducted few days ago with nation journalist odour, who managed to fight off the kidnappers and run away with several injuries. Sharon Otieno was seven months pregnant and a student at Rongo University studying Medical records and information. She was a second year.





  1. That was her fate

  2. Sad

  3. I know its sad,but, Kenyan ladies must stop wanting shortcuts to life, look for a man young age build each other

  4. Gone to soon, parents must be tough on this kids, during our times this was not happening as often

  5. Sikio la kufa haliskii dawa,judging from what she was studying,after amalize na apate job angekuwa rich if angejipanga.Lakini tamaa yake ndio ilimumaliza,akianza relationship yake na governor hakutangaza.Akitoka ndio anataka kutangaza,unfortunately she won’t be the last to suffer such a fate.But people refuse to learn and history will repeat itself to infinity

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