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Shilole’s young ex husband finally shares his side of the story 

July 10, 2020 at 14:48
Shilole's young ex husband finally shares his side of the story 

Taarab singer Shilole left many shocked after unveiling new photos showing how badly her husband of 2 years had beaten her! According to the lady, she shared as proof that her marriage had now ended; and instead of waiting to be picked up in a body bag – she decided to walk away.

The photos showing a brutally beaten Shilole was clear proof that she may have done the right thing; but when it comes to love, the heart foolishly forgives making it hard to know whether Shilole was out for good or she pulled this move out of anger.

Shishi with ex hubby before love turned sour

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Anyway Paul Makonda who is the Regional Commissioner of Dar es Salaam recently revealed that Shilole and Uchebe had been having issues for a while now. So far he has apparently solved 3 serious fights between the two love birds who kept getting back together after things cooled off.

Uchebe speaks

However with the photos showing how Uchebe left Shilole looking; the fella finally went on a live interview done on Clouds Fm revealing unknown details about his relationship.

According to Uchebe, the photos shared by Shilole were taken way back after one of their usual fights! with this statement, Uchebe not only confirmed that he beats his wife; but did not clearly see the wrong he had done.

Shilole battered by husband, Uchebe

One celebrity lawyer Albert Msando has gone ahead to offer his services to Shilole saying that the evidence needed is all over social media. This comes shortly after Tanzanian police requested more time to carry out their investigations before the arrest of Uchebe.

@policetanzania nimemsikia anayeitwa Uchebe kwenye @cloudstv kwamba hizi picha ni za zamani. Hivyo kimsingi amekubali kwamba alimpiga @officialshilole ila zamani.

Through his social media page, Lawyer Msando said;

MIMI NIMESIKILIZA NA KUSOMA ALICHOSEMA KAMA MNAHITAJI SHAHIDI. Kosa la jinai halina muda. Hata kama lilifanyika miaka ya 1980! Kama lilikuwa ni kosa kisheria basi aliyetenda lazima adhabu inamuhusu. Nitashangaa kama ‘upelelezi bado unaendelea’ mpaka ikifika mwezi wa nane. Ni vyema muda akitoka jela akute kiberiti kinauzwa elfu 15 na box spanner inauzwa kama laki 6 hivi. Tuone gereji atakuwa na spanner ngapi na ghetto atawasha jiko la mchina na nini. #UteteziWaKujifunga #IncriminatingEvidence @auntsadaka joycekiriasuperwoman




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