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Shiro from Auntie boss opens up about her marriage, child and the struggles she faced before the fame on popular Magazine

September 06, 2017 at 16:16
Shiro from Auntie boss opens up about her marriage, child and the struggles she faced before the fame on popular Magazine

Nyce Wanjeri popularly Shiro from Auntie Boss was recently featured on the Parents Magazine where she opened up about her love life, struggles before the money and fame – and some of the challenges she has faced as a young mum.

Auntie Boss

Speaking during the interview the lady revealed that some days she forced to stay home since she had no job or any other means of making money. But despite everything, together with her husband Titus and daughter they would still believe that God would come through for them. She said;

So hard were the struggles that some days, all we could do as a family was sit at home, join hands and fervently pray to God to intervene.

But after landing the main role for Auntie Boss, Shiro says that her life has changed in many ways and is grateful to have won the hearts of many Kenyans who appreciate her talent.

Auntie Boss with her husband and daughter

This was however the first time the lady introduced her family to the world and judging from comments under a photo shared by Parents Magazine on Instagram, some had no idea she was married or even had a child.






  1. I always like how she acts

  2. i swear i love shiro soo very much aki she is just amazing sometimes i find myself imitating her, didnt know she was a mother,,, congrats shiro unapendwa

  3. Shiro is my best best role model.. Love her so first l thought kyle is her son. Best and funny actress.. Lots of love. U are the best

  4. Amazing and cute family u have all the best in everything

  5. Her real name is actually Nice not Nyce. Great actress!

  6. I first heard about her from my daughter.. I used to hear my daughter laughing every time when she is watching the programme.. And one I decided to watch with her.. I love her acting aki.. Ciru you are one crazy child I swear.

  7. aki shiro i really love u lyk wow u amaizing.. ady smetimes i find myself calling my little bro ‘kiarie’instead of ‘kyle

  8. Av bn wondering what has happened to shiru,cz auntie boss is no longer interesting as t used to b.I could not miss it.It was until today that av tried to ask “Google”n av received the and.Haki ciru jaribu urudi!!!!

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