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Shots fired! Anerlisa Muigai responds after fan calls her latest hairstyle cheap

July 02, 2019 at 08:20
Shots fired! Anerlisa Muigai responds after fan calls her latest hairstyle cheap

Lately it seems that Anerlisa Muigai has been getting negative comments from some of her female fans for no apparent reason.

Well, it could be because she bagged herself an amazing man who only has eyes for her and is ready to wife her anytime soon.

Anyway a few days ago Anerlisa Muigai recently shared a new video flaunting her new hair-do on Instagram but it did not go as well as she could have imagined.

Instead of getting positive comments, Anerlisa was asked to fire her hairstylist who apparently did an awful job with her latest hair do.

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How Is My New Hair? @jaynestylist

A post shared by 🅰️nerlisa Ⓜ️uigai (@anerlisa) on

One fan went on to tell Anerlisa that her new wig looked like the cheap Dubois sold in town;

Anerlisa responds

However, Anerlisa was not having this and went on to call out the ladies criticizing her hair stylist. Through her Instagram story, Anerlisa wrote saying;

Put your tags to rest on your hair recommendations. I am never leaving @janestylist for any other hair. My relationship with Jayne is beyond hair. I have watched Jayne come from a small corner to owning her own salon. It’s so sad that women are always quick to put each other down,

She went on to add,

Y’all upcoming hair businesses need to understand that this hair industry is not about making noise and rushing to the top. You open a business in less than a year and you are already attacking people who have been in the business for over 10 years. Business is about being humble and learning to learn.





  1. No need to be hateful, I suppose. So I‘ll just say it’s so time to move on. If not from the stylist you’re trying to boost, at least to a new do. Unfortunately you’ve managed to get that hair so processed that damage is inevitable. Good luck. Grab an up to date hairstyle book and peruse it until something good catches your eye.

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