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Shots fired: “Weh uko hapo, unakula tu!” Willy Paul tells Bahati’s wife

March 30, 2020 at 10:07
Shots fired: “Weh uko hapo, unakula tu!” Willy Paul tells Bahati’s wife

Willy Paul this past weekend left many talking thanks to a video shared on Jalango’s Instagram page; before the radio presenter cum comedian pulled it down from his page!

Willy Paul and ‘wifey’

In the video which is currently circulating on social media, Willy Paul is heard making fun of Bahati’s vocals; but what took many by surprise is after Pozee decided to mention Bahati’s wife in the mix!

According to Willy Paul, Diana should at least step in to help her husband sing some parts in his songs; just to avoid him from straining his vocals! He went on to suggest that instead of eating and staying idle probably it’s time for her to join her husbands career.

Jalang’o deletes video

Seeing his fans responded to the video, Jalang’o who was the first one to share it on social media went on to pull it down immediately: since fans did not find it funny!

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Diana saidia Bwana😂…

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Despite Willy and Bahati having beef; having dragged Diana Marua who is not just Bahati’s wife; but mother of his children into the mess seemed quite petty and uncalled for!

Jalang’o beefing with Bahati?

Not quite sure whether Jalang’o also has bad blood with the Bahati’s; but since he had a hand in circulating the video on social media it’s only right to assume that he is Willy Paul’s supporter!

However, if the video was for laughs and giggles…then why did the radio presenter pull it down or rather upload it in the first place?
Well, who know!





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