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Shots fired! Zari claps back after passport leak

July 10, 2019 at 08:09
Shots fired! Zari claps back after passport leak

Zari Hassan makes online comeback to critics who think they know her age better than her.

Age for women is a big deal and Uganda´s Zari Hassan becomes a victim of real age exposure after her passport leaked online.

This did not augur well with her ego and recurrent ´lies´ about her real age therefore compelling her to address the issue before it all blows up in her face.

According to Zari, her South African passport, yes, might indicate that she was born 41 years ago but she cites that she was forced to do this in order to settle in the country, back in the days.

The passport leaked online indicates her Citizenship in King Bae´s land territory, reading that she was born way back in 1978.

However, she is yet to get pricked as bad because for her, she is 38 and sexxy and that is what many can´t accept.

Everyone out here posting my passport showing I was born in 1978 that was for my citizenship but I was born on 23rd September 1980.

You all bitches be hating coz you ugly, and I’m so f*cking beautiful when you want me to be 50.

$uck it up!

Even at 100 I still be better than yall…😂ugly broke ass hating hoes..😂😂😂

I love being me. See how ME one person gives you headaches.

If I were you, I’d hate her too, yes her the one you are looking at.







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  2. Hehe. Mami I love you but this time round I think you should give it a rest. 41 is not that bad. Life begins at 40 you should thank God For giving you amazing 41yrs to live. There are people who would want to be you at 40 but they can’t. Anyway life is unfair.

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