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‘Si sabuni ati itaisha’ Amber Ray dishes savage response at fan asking whether she sells ‘nunu’ for a living

December 01, 2020 at 16:00
'Si sabuni ati itaisha' Amber Ray dishes savage response at fan asking whether she sells 'nunu' for a living

Amber Ray has answers to each and every question thrown her way. We however love her for the realness and don’t care attitude she confidently wears around. During her question and answer session on Instagram the lady finally got to answer a question many have been asking  about her source of income.

Well, a bold fan went on to ask about Amber Ray selling her nunu; a question I a pretty sure so many people have been dying to ask. However we weren’t so sure as to whether she would respond to the question; but shock on us.

For those who have been judging Amber Ray for her lifestyle guess what…the mother of one barely cares and if anything, life has been nothing but a blessing for her.

Amber finally speaks

The fan asking about Amber’s privates went on to post saying;

Mbona uliamua kuuzaga K=ma

To which of course Amber Ray went on to respond saying;

Ni yangu, ni safi, ni tamu, haija complain, wateja ni wengu, haiishi, haichagui etc

But with how Amber has been moving around from one wealthy man to another; she honestly can’t blame fans for thinking the worst about her.

Amber Ray sold her lifestyle and fans bought it – but since we know nothing about her businesses or her source of wealth; I bet she understands why fans think she turned her privates to currency.




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