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Is singer Akothee hooked on sleeping pills? Fans plead with her to quit self medicating

November 27, 2017 at 09:41
Is singer Akothee hooked on sleeping pills? Fans plead with her to quit self medicating

Singer Akothee has left her social media fans questioning whether she is hooked on sleeping pills. This comes after the singer cited that the pill is life – in that it knocks her off in 10 minutes.

The lady shared a photo of the pill which appears to look white bluish and went on to caption it;

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This sleeping pill is life !knocks me out after 10 minutes ! Only to wake up at 7.00am ! I promise, this will be the last one

Well, having heard that sleeping pills are dangerous and addictive the singer promises it is the last time she is taking it. This however left many questioning how many times she has made the promise only to find herself popping the pill? Who knows?

In the comment section one fan wrote saying;

Iman1408: Can’t really tell the color, but if it’s light blue that’s probably Dormicum, its prescription only strictly unless u got “connections “it’s highly addictive .Let’s not judge cos we ain’t rolling in her shoes right now.Be kind

Why self medicate?

From Akothee’s caption it is obvious to see that she is self medicating. SO why does someone who has it all in life, have to take sleeping pills? From her busy schedule, the lady might probably be overwhelmed by the responsibilities making her the sleeping pills.





  1. Acha tu ameze kama stress ni mob

  2. Lol I also take pills why is it such a big deal

  3. This Akothee madam is just too much

  4. Soon they’ll stop working and that’s when trouble begins

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