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Singer Bahati caught in yet another mess of not paying his car, here is the evidence

November 10, 2017 at 07:30
Singer Bahati caught in yet another mess of not paying his car, here is the evidence

Gospel singer Bahati has lately been having it rough. About two weeks ago a man by the name Benson of came forth to accusing him of conning his Ksh 200,000.

The story did not go far since the singer denied everything. Being a Christian and mtoto wa mama many went with his side of the story which painted the guy as an obsessed fan.

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However, there is new evidence explaining how true Benson’s story is. Apparently Bahati has now been busted for not paying a car he bought for his EMB records. According to reports, Bahati got a Nissan Caravan from Mr Benson and agreed to pay him in installments.

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Following the law, the two signed an agreement showing that Bahati was aware that he was to pay 1.6 million for the car. Any late payment would force the singer to pay 500 and from his signature seems like he understood what he was getting himself into.

So how does he owe Mr Benson Ksh 200,000?

Well,the business deals between the two did not end there. Mr Benson says that the two were to partly own EMB film and production. He then sent Bahati the Ksh 200,000 to cover as rent for the EMB house.



After realizing that EMB was not making any money in return he then reached out to the singer hoping to get the money back. However, things did not work out as he thought.


Bahati’s arrest

Even after being arrested for fraud, the gospel singer managed to walk out free. He even denies being arrested and his entire team has been protecting his image.





  1. This deals always don’t work out

  2. The year is ending bad for him

  3. I now believe this guy one wouldn’t fake all this

  4. What’s going on? ??

  5. Hehehe money is not easy to make

  6. But who accepts an agreement written in biro??

  7. It’s time for him to show us his true colors,having adopted 3kids,a kid he only acknowledged after 2yrs and with the cougar pregnant he is capable of anything to make ends meet.

  8. These documents all look illegitimate to me as a lawyer. You cannot amend a sale agreement by cancelling out figures and writing others on top of the cancelled ones. The second document is merely handwritten noted and cannot be binding on any of the parties therein.

  9. Bahati expected to appear at Kiambu Law court following the Ksh 200,000 he owes ex business partner - Ghafla!Kenya : November 16, 2017 at 5:01 pm

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  10. wycliffe omondi : December 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    I believe in bahati,he is my mentor in life and i can bet you guys that the story is untrue and just trying to actualy deface the good picture of the innocent bahati.

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