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Singer Majirani denies he’s broke, says he spends around 2.6 million funding his football team

May 22, 2019 at 08:19
Singer Majirani denies he's broke, says he spends around 2.6 million funding his football team

Singer Majirani is not after bragging, but just for him to make things clear, he had to share the huge amount of money he has been churning out lately so that people can stop linking him with poverty.

Rumors had it the singer was wallowing in poverty after a photo of him chilling near a slum emerged. The singer however has now come out to refute the claims saying that he’s no where close to brokenness.

“I have built my house, I have my own place in Eldoret,” said the singer in a statement to journalists. 

“I can’t be broke. That was fake news. Just because I took a break from music doesn’t mean I’m not making money. I’m not like some of these other artists who when they stop singing they start to struggle.” 


Majirani went on to reveal that he has been sponsoring his football team Majirani FC which has been one of the best in Kenya in terms of performance.

He said that so far he has spent millions sponsoring the team and he’s currently looking at how he can take it to the premiere league.

“I spend almost 800k every year sponsoring Majirani FC,” said the singer who is known for his tracks Tukumbukeko and Vilekunaendanga. 

“So far I have spent at-least Ksh 2.6 million. So there’s no way I can be broke.” 





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