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Singer Nandy alleged to have relocated into a swanky palatial mansion [photo]

November 01, 2019 at 10:38
Singer Nandy alleged to have relocated into a swanky palatial mansion [photo]

Top Tanzanian music diva, Nandy is not your ordinary kind of girl because her flashy lifestyle speaks opulence.

The young talent whose road to fame kicked off while she was still in her teenage years, is living life on the first lane.

It is alleged that the bongo songbird has found a new home.

Nandy apparently moved into a chic palatial mansion located along Mbezi-Beach in Dar es Salaam.

As reported by Global Publishers, Nandy´s neighbors revealed the songbird´s new house is pretty spacious, the parking lot can take in up to 10 vehicles.

According to the unnamed source, who is one of Nandy´s neighbors, the mansion is no joke. Right from the structures to the environment.

Nyie hamjui tu. Nandy amehamia huku Mbezi Beach ni jirani yangu kabisa lakini mjengo anaoishi si wa kitoto. Kuanzia kwenye geti, fensi hadi eneo kubwa la ndani ambalo unaweza kupaki hadi magari kumi ndani.

Adding that based on the land rates around that area, not forgetting the kind of social class, Nandy might easily be dishing out roughly Ksh 90,000 as monthly rent.

Achilia ule aliokuwa akiishi Masaki (Dar) huu mjengo aliopanga ni zaidi aisee. Kwani hata kodi yake ipo juu, si chini ya milioni mbili kwa mwezi. Njooni tu muuone anavyoishi na matajiri wa huku tena hapa yeye anaishi na ndugu zake pamoja na wazazi wake.

Lest we forget, early in the year, Nandy gifted her parents a luxurious house, just to say thank you for their love and support.




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