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Singer Nandy explains why she no longer wears her expensive engagement ring

October 29, 2020 at 11:41
Singer Nandy explains why she no longer wears her expensive engagement ring

Singer Nandy is currently in a very serious relationship with rapper Billnas; and so far, we understand that the couple is planning to walk down the aisle soon.

However sometime back rumors had it that Nandy and her bae had a fall out; that saw them part ways for a while. They however fixed this quickly by releasing a song where Billnas played the part of the vixen.

Just when we almost thought this had fixed the ‘break up’ problem; fans once again found another crack in Nandy and Billnas’ relationship. This is after spotting Nandy without her engagement ring a couple of times; when we all witnessed Billnas propose with a huge stone sometime back during Nandy’s live event.

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Nandy’s ring

Where Nandy’s ring disappeared to

Anyway speaking recently during an interview with CloudsFM, singer Nandy for the first time went on to reveal why she has not been wearing her engagement ring.

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According to the singer, one of her fans allegedly pulled out her ring while she was performing at a campaign rally sometime back. The singer went on to add that the fan not only managed to get away with the ring; but almost broke her finger as they also disappeared with one of her nails. She said;

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 Sijavaa kwasababu tulipokuwa Tanga kwenye kampeni, kwenye vuta nikuvute na mashabiki nikachomolewa na mashabaki na hata kung’olewa kucha.

Whether true or not, I guess Nandy is now used to the on and off relationship she has been having with Billnas for the past few years.

But will they manage to walk down the aisle or are they waiting for the relationship to end in premium tears?




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