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Single and searching! Pastor Kanyari’s ex Betty Bayo reveals 10 qualities she’s looking for in an ideal husband

August 14, 2020 at 16:06
Single and searching! Pastor Kanyari's ex Betty Bayo reveals 10 qualities she’s looking for in an ideal husband

After a failed marriage to the infamous Pastor Kanyari, Betty Bayo has revealed what she looks for in an ideal future husband.

She admitted she has grown tired of a flurry of men ever flooding her inbox seeking her hand in marriage.

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This comes weeks after she went back to her husband’s home and gave back the bride price he had paid for her.

Betty Bayo back to factory settings

In a short list as seen from her Facebook page, the born-again mother lists a God-fearing man as her benchmark.

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Well, birds of a feather, flock together and the young mum wants a divorcee whom she can relate with and have it easy with while starting their own family.

Pastor Kanyari’s ex, Betty Bayo

Interestingly, having gone through so much, Betty clarified she needs no cry baby or young man, rather someone who has been through it all and mature enough to take it up from their past.

vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force

Popular gospel artist, Betty Bayo

Having borne 2 children from her previous marriage, Betty wants a man who can love her children equally and bring peace in her life.

no shouting or violent I love peace.

Betty Bayo’s kids

Closing up, she hilariously mentioned she doesn’t need a man who speaks broken English like her – they can’t be the same! He needs to be better.

Finally, she needs someone who can light up her life but authentically so.

Know english, we can’t both talk broken english my fans must see the different..not too serious I don’t want a boring life.




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