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“Siwezi sema hajaenda kuolewa tena” Slejj weighs in on his brother’s failed marriage

January 20, 2021 at 17:44
“Siwezi sema hajaenda kuolewa tena” Slejj weighs in on his brother’s failed marriage

One would expect Daddy Owens brothers – that is Rufftone and Slejj ti bad mouth or act cold towards there former sister in law; but that is not the case! These men are real gentlemen who still respect Farida and the kids.

After many went on to claim that Farida walked out on Daddy Owen after bagging a millionaire; Slejj who is Owen’s youngest brother has come out to speak out – concerning the matter.

Daddy Owen with small brother, Slejj

According to the young man, he cannot add or subtract whatever has been said by the media; but all he can say is that everything is fine or rather cool. Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, he said;

It’s true in a way lakini unajua media mpaka waongeze vitu zao juu. Siwezi sema wameachana na hajaenda kuolewa tena.

Couples will always fight

Slejj who seems to have perfected the art of keeping a secret did not confirm nor deny whether Farida has moved on already; but all he could say is that everything is cool at the moment. Speaking to M Tuva, Slejj went on to add;

Daddy Owen with alleged ex wife, Farida

Kunaweza kuwa na issues kwa watu wanadate ama wako married lakini media huongeza vitu zake… The situation right now is that everything is cool.

But question remains, is will Daddy Owen and Farida finally reunite or not?




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