Size 8: I’ve come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy marriage or shake it 

January 09, 2019 at 08:35
Size 8: I've come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy marriage or shake it 

Size 8 was pregnant with her second child in late 2018 before she suffered a miscarriage. The mother of one was devastated with the lose of her unborn baby but she remained faithful to God.

Her husband DJ Mo recently opened up about the miscarriage, he revealed that his wife was five weeks pregnant when the miscarriage happened.

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Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Marriage shaken

Size 8 has come out to narrate how her marriage was shaken by the miscarriage she suffered. The mother of one reveals that she was counselled together with her husband after the miscarriage. She also implores other people who went through a similar ordeal to get professional help.

“Marriage the 1st institution created by God the Father and it is a representation of our marriage as the church as the bride with Jesus Christ as the bride groom in heaven that’s why the devil hates it with passion. Without Jesus at the centre of our marriage so we can access the holy spirit to help us, marriage is next to impossible………. The devil wants to break homes Jesus wants to build homes always remember that . Team up with Jesus and build and fight for your marriage……. And I’ve come to know a miscarriage can actually destroy a marriage or shake it after miscarriage get counseling please please and determine to face the lose together…………@djmokenya love you always, am to blessed to have you ……,” wrote Size 8.





  1. Nkt mnakuanga na ujinga sana

  2. God bless u 4 this it will help many facing the same

  3. Bless you mom size 8

  4. That pregnancy never seemed to be 5 weeks sema 5 months

  5. Pole sana..mammy ni ngumu lakini mwachie yesu..he knows best..

  6. Lucy Nyambu from Bahati Eastland : January 11, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Never mind my sister I was there and that child was my first born last year and mine occurred we it was two weeks and I pray God to help me and my husband to be with us until the delivery of the second born

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