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It’s a new season! Size 8 takes up new TV role from YouTuber, Maureen Waititu

April 30, 2020 at 12:57
It's a new season! Size 8 takes up new TV role from YouTuber, Maureen Waititu

Size 8 reborn is taking up the host role of Rembo TV’s Minji Minji show from YouTuber, Maureen Waititu, come the 5th of May 2020.

Maureen first hosted Minji Minji show that targets at giving mums a makeover despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The show premiered on the 5th of August 2019.

Maureen Waititu


Well, now, the show is set to grace a new face every Tuesday as it unveiled gospel artiste, Size 8 reborn as it’s new host.

Through it’s Instagram account, Rembo TV formally announced:

MinjiMinji Season 2 is here Fam and it comes with lots and lots of surprises.
We welcome our new host @size8reborn starting 5th May .
Tell a friend to tell friend to make a date with us.

Through it, Linet Munyali is set to share her motherhood journey – juggling two kids, music-making and being a wife.

She is a mother to two beautiful kids,she is a known gospel artist, wife to a celebrity DJ ( @djmokenya ) and her motherhood journey has not been a joke.
@size8reborn Will be talking to mothers who will share their motherhood stories every Tuesday at 7:20pm on #MinjiMinji

Scheduled for every Tuesday evening at 7:20 pm, Size 8 will be hosting the second season of Minji Minji show.

A new season of #MinjiMinji Is coming up in a few days and we are excited about our new host @size8reborn .

Gospel artiste, Size 8 reborn


You better be ready for an interactive, Energetic and educative show every Tuesday at 7:20pm

Size 8 reborn

From her end, a thrilled Size 8 shared the news with her social media family, promising them an exciting journey of motherhood.

She started off:

I love my children beyond all reason I don’t even think I’ve ever loved anybody the way I love my children and I know hata nyinyi mnaweza relate.

Size 8 with kids Ladashabelle and Muraya Junior

Adding: moms our greatest wish is that our children always know how much we love them, and that they walk through the rest of their lives knowing we will always be there for them anyway we can.

It is the sacrifices a mother makes for their child, that renders motherhood interesting and exciting, even though similarly overwhelming.

If it means enduring that tough pregnancy, fighting for our dear lives just to ensure children are safe, eating well, walking slow to avoid injuries during pregnancy.

It goes as far as giving up the image, your looks, your comfort, your love for this or the other, just so that your little one remains healthy and alive.

Size 8 holding son, Muraya Junior

Anything for the love of our lives ❤️” she proudly declared. 

Drinking all the uji for us to have enough milk…oh my. Hata hiyo weight we shall deal with it later. 


Join me @strembotv on @startimes .What an exciting journey for me to walk with you amazing mom’s here on #MinjiMinji reminding you that moms are girls too 💃 #momsaregirlstoo

Because – Moms are Girls too!

Minji Minji new show host, Size 8 reborn

Minji Minji show airs on Startimes’ Rembo TV, every Tuesday, at 7:20 pm with Size 8 from the 5th of May. Be there!





  1. from grace to more grace..size 8 scaling ever new heights,glory to God..proud n happy for her. Looking forward to the premiere episode

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