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Size 8 painfully narrates how close her mum was from aborting her

July 16, 2019 at 08:01
Size 8 painfully narrates how close her mum was from aborting her

Gospel songbird, Size 8 narrates how close her mum was to aborting her.

This she reveals was a time her late mum was going through a tough time with her dad and was not sure she would efficiently provide for her new born.

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God has been teaching me the power of Thanksgiving and praise to Him at all times and I've realized that Thanksgiving to God is more powerful than I ever thought. 1st it is the will of God for us in christ Jesus. It is an act of faith that shows God you believe in His power more than whatsoever you are facing and you believe in his faithfulness to answer your prayer and that you acknowledge in humility that it's only by his grace you have what you have and produces a greatful heart and it defeats the enemy and sends him in confusion. Lastly if you are thankful to God automatically you are more greatful to even people around you. Have you thanked God and praised him today!!!!!!!! I thessalonians 5:16-17

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Mama Ladasha shares this on Sunday´s ´Pambio Live´ sobbing:

My mother had gone to the hospital to remove me from her womb because life was so tough at that time with my dad.

Fortunately, time was not up yet:

So my mother went to the hospital and luckily she met a doctor who told her of the consequences of abortion.

The doctor told her that she would die if she went ahead to abort me.

and looking at the fact that she had other 5 children she decided not to do it.

Further articulating that the doctor advised her it would be best to stay alive and take care of her other 5 children.

Additionally, the gospel star discloses that her mum actually expressed this while on her death bed.

On her death bed before she left us my mom confessed to me that she wanted to let me go before I was born.

She looked back and couldn´t imagine that the same baby that she wanted to remove from her womb,

was the same one who was paying her hospital bills.

Before reflecting:

If I had aborted you who would have paid my hospital bills.


Size 8´s mom, Esther Njeri Munyali met her death after succumbing to kidney complications.

This is however much the gospel singer was willing to donate her very own kidney to save her mum´s life but could not.

I must have been thinking too much about my mum’s fundraising for her kidney transplant that I got stressed out.

The doctor, however, put me on observation for days and all is well now.





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  3. TruthBeTold : July 17, 2019 at 4:26 am

    How did the mum talk to you on her death bed and in previous interviews you said you had just given birth to Wambui and in critical condition.

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