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Size 8 loses pregnancy following uncontrolled h**********n

October 01, 2021 at 15:23
Size 8 loses pregnancy following uncontrolled hypertension

Size 8 and DJ Mo have announced the loss of their 3rd born after the gospel singer was forced to undergo an e*******y surgery to get rid of the pregnancy following some complications.

According to husband DJ Mo, his wife has been in and out of hospital due to the pregnancy: and at some point Size 8 was baby king high b***d pressure that hit 213 among other issues.

Size 8 suffers m*********e

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Through his Instagram page, DJ Mo shared the sad news in a detailed post where he explained saying;

We have plans , But God has even better plans …as you have seen on YouTube ,Yes it happened , God gives & takes .

Pregnancy turns d****y

Although it’s not the first time Size 8 is facing a difficult pregnancy; DJ Mo says it took a team of doctors to help save his wife’s life as she had to undergo an e*******y operation. He went on to add;

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It’s been around 5 months f******g with crazy pressure that hit 213 , e*******y operation. Thank you Dr NYAMU and the team @komarockmodern for saving my wife , .. the speed at which you did all these – indeed I will always remember you saved my wife and making sure she is safe …

At 5 months of course the baby wouldn’t have mad it alive; but as much as it sounds sad for the family – DJ Mo says he is grateful that his wife made it out alive.

Thank God , you remain to be God in all situations . THE BABY DINT MAKE IT , but my wife is alive and safe . @size8reborn am with you – till the end.




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