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Size 8’s humble background that instilled survival skills in her

September 25, 2019 at 14:18
Size 8's humble background that instilled survival skills in her

Gospel star, Size 8 did not start from the top like many might have presumed, because she was once a chicken ‘thief’.

Actually, if anything, mama Ladasha comes from a very humble beginning.

Her siblings and her have faced a tough childhood that taught her the value of giving back.

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What humbles me every single day is the revelation that God does not need to love me but chooses to love me for He is love. He doesn't need to use me but He chooses to use me and even enables me to serve Him by His grace and power!!!! For God is the all self sufficient God needing nothing from anyone!!!! So if I ever allow my self to allow pride to speak to me and listen to it I will be in great error. For am nothing without God and His grace. Thanking Him for everything thing I am and all I have. I love you Jesus!!!!!!!! Who am I that you favour me this way am speechless!!!!!! Give me more grace to remember it's all about you and for your glory. Thanking God for the brand new endorsement as the new brand ambassador of KLEESOFT WASHING POWDER but remembering nothing is greater than receiving the saving GRACE IN JESUS!!!!!! #greatisourGod At the kleesoft washing powder new packaging photo shoot. Photo by @greg_complementpictures Styled by @brianbabustyling Hair by @friends_nail_parlour_barber Acts 17:25 2 Corinthians 3:5 Psalms 50:8-15

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Basic resources like food and water were a luxury to them. It was so bad, that they got into the habit of stealing their neighbor’s chicken because they just couldn’t afford it.

Funny thing is how she added that they stole water and electricity too. But it captures one’s attention when she recalls how her parents could not afford to get sanitary pads for her.

On a light note, she reveals that she would stalk presenters who failed to air her songs. A girl at the time, whose visions sounded like a bluff to the public’s ears.

I became so heartbroken after many radio presenters failed to play my CD. I used to stalk them and they hated me for it. People criticized my videos but i never gave up. Everybody who i told about my ideas just laughed at me.




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