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Slay King! Pastor Robert Burale explains why he wears a hat even in church 

November 07, 2018 at 07:34
Slay King! Pastor Robert Burale explains why he wears a hat even in church 

It’s an unwritten christian rule, no hats on in church, especially during prayers.

That however, doesn’t apply to motivational speaker Pastor Robert Burale who has been spotted rocking a stylish Kangol while in church severally.

The pastor was recently forced to address the issue and explain why he wears the hat even when preaching.

“LESSON 101 ..NEVER JUDGE WHAT YOU DONT KNOW… Some time back I preached with a hat on… I remember some online brigade came out all guns blazing “How can you preach with your hat on blah blah. Huyu ni slay king preacher ???? The keyboard was like Ak47 ???But little did they know underneath was a major scar.” narrated Burale.

Stop judging

Burale went on to add that Kenyans should stop judging people without really knowing their story.

“When you see a man/woman limping don’t assume they are drunk. Maybe in the dislocation is their revelation.When you see someone dancing like crazy in church. Don’t call them idle. Maybe they had bled for 12 years and met the God of “SUDDENLY THE BLEEDING STOPPED.” he said. 







  1. in Judaism, it is customary to pray with a covered head, and in Christianity it is customary to take off the headdress of. For Jews, it is customary to pray with a covered head, because by covering his head, a person feels the Creator’s power over himself more strongly. This increases his submission to the Most High, which is especially important during prayer. Moreover, it is customary for Jews to always go with a headdress in order to always feel that they are submissive to the Creator.
    Why it is customary for Christians to take off the headdress during prayer is unknown to me. Perhaps they are doing this to emphasize the difference between their religion and the Jewish. But I find an argumentative essay about it on this resource:

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