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Sleepy David issues heartfelt apology to Zeddy after his online rant !

July 02, 2020 at 17:30
Sleepy David issues heartfelt apology to Zeddy after his online rant !

Comedian Sleepy david made a bad call after choosing to engage with Zeddy after she strongly blamed Victor Ber fr the deaths of Kasee and Njenga Mswahili.

As seen on her post, it appeared that the lass only had an issue with Victor Ber and not anyone else. However with Sleepy clapping back as he defended his friend’s (teacher Wanjiku) husband; only angered Zeddy who then went on to spill more unknown details about the Churchill show.

So far Zeddy claims Sleepy has been getting favors from Ber; and unlike other comedians the guy always manages to survive when fresh talent is sent packing with no explanation.

Like a said wrong move!

Zeddy exposes Sleepy David and Teacher Wanjiku

Issues apology

However after blogs picked up the story; Sleepy has now been forced to issue an apology for the online rant with female. According to him, Zeddy had every right to mourn and remember their colleagues who were more than friends but family.

I made  post in regards to the Victor Ber issue and I have got all manner of reactions which are all valid because is real and it’s a conversation we all need to have ASAP we are losing to many young people. I acknowledge that I may have sounded as a victim shammer which was not at all my intention; and would go apologize to everyone i have offended including my friend and colleague, Zeddy.

Sleepy David went on to add that his main reason for stepping in was to defend Victor who he says is like a brother.

Chatspot show hosts with comedian, Sleepy David

I acted like everyone who has a friend would do, victor to me has been more than a friend or a boss. He has become my family and my mentor and that other side of him. I have never seen it. You can only defend what you have seen and know

In conclusion, the funny man reached out to Zeddy hoping to settle things; and hopefully these two will manage to work things out.





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