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Socialite Mary Jane names Nigerian witchdoctor helping Diana Marua put a spell on singer Bahati (Video)

September 17, 2020 at 15:50
Socialite Mary Jane names Nigerian witchdoctor helping Diana Marua put a spell on singer Bahati (Video)

Nairobi Diaries has more drama compared to the abroad reality shows we enjoy keeping up with. Well, turns out that most of these socialites actually use witchcraft to attract their customers.

This was was revealed by one Mary Jane who has been beefing with bahati’s wife for months now. According to Mary Jane, Diana Marua stole some bags she (Mary) had planned to start a business with.

The two ladies apparently even sat down, made plans and even choose a name for the business; only for Marua to steal the bags and pretend that the two knew nothing about each other.

Mother of 2, Diana Marua

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Mary Janes spills the beans

Well, thanks to a glass of whiskey and friends who were ready to listen; Ms Jane went on to reveal that Diana Marua has Bahati at the grip of her hands thanks to Juju.

According to the lady, Marua has been seeking help from Nigerian natives; who helped her get the gospel singer who remains very much in love with his wife.

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Although this was said while she was intoxicated, we can’t deny that Diana Marua; and the lass know each other from way back when they were both starting out in the industry.

According to the lass she has personally introduced to several witchcraft doctors; and even named one ‘Baba Nawo’ who Diana still owes some money. She went on to say (at 50 minutes);

“Mimi sitakufunga mtoto wa wenyewe na juju….wait, have you even paid baba Nawo his debt?”

Well, if you thought these socialites are using the power of prayer to make quick and genuine money; then think again!




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