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Sonko’s cheap publicity stunts at Lake Nakuru leaves netizens grumbling (Photos)

October 24, 2017 at 15:43
Sonko's cheap publicity stunts at Lake Nakuru leaves netizens grumbling (Photos)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko sent special divers to help in retrieving bodies of victims of the ill fated chopper that crashed into Lake Nakuru.

But not all Kenyans are convinced Sonko sent the divers for a noble cause. Skeptical Kenyans poked holes into Sonko’s generosity to send divers to retrieve the bodies.

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Sonko rescue team divers prepare to dive into Lake Nakuru

“Sonko Special Divers Team is currently at Lake Nakuru to help retrieve the bodies of the victims of fatal helicopter crash, so far two bodies have been pulled out from the lake, both males.I trust this team and they have assured me they won’t end their operation without recovering my Friend Mapozi John and the rest….May God Bless You,” Sonko announced on social media.

Sonko rescue team divers ferried to the site of crash in the lake

Netizens asked why the Nairobi governor sent divers too late when three bodies had already been recovered. Some people argued that Sonko ought to have sent his diver on Saturday when he learnt about the accident.

Kenyans react

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans when Sonko announced he had sent divers to Lake Nakuru on Tuesday:

Ian Omosh: it’s too late for this mr governor the bodies can be retrieved by the locals …by today the bodies should be floating somewhere in the lake . this is just mare PR

Kevin Lubuya: Ati digital gvt ???. Ati sonko rescue team. It is supposed to be government of Kenya services. Pr nonsense.

Metrine Wasike: Haki Sonko ungewatoa mapema at least wasave one or two….life matters

Kevin Dickson: It’s no longer a ‘rescue’ wen u visit a disaster site three days after

Marcel David: Instead of some people ridiculing the governor for his work, which he does without pay, they should support and even help in making the team bigger

Luopean Man Jakwath: Be mature sonko and serious you are now the Governor of Nairobi why sonko rescue again channel all funds to County Government and bring changes for Nairibians.

Keith’s Aketch Situma: this are mombasa private divers,en not your team,why would you spend money to hire people on this mission while we have people paid monthly for that job.

George Wachira Wamai: How about training the Nairobi city council and creating revenue for the council for instance buying like ten or twenty hearses for the Nairobi council morgues thus creating employment and funds for the council

Peter Pinchez Mbugua: Msee Msee Uko na kila kitu… kidogo kidogo tutaskia kuna astronauts wamekwama space.. alafu uone ” sonko space rescue team”.

James Johnston: I like your effort but am yet to see u achieve anything touchable like producing electricitymaking man made dams/river’s, taking mama mboga out of the streets for good or industrialization of the big city.waiting..

Linda Bahaty: This pain is too much a brother a friend a husband afather someone’s child is lying under there God give their families and friends strength

Deno Dyex: Thats good sonko niokolee credoh 0792919411

Toxy Peter Ndungu: Mhesh kindly talk to your sonko rescue team to fish RAO out of politics, tumechoka

Michael Onditi: Nikama hii SONKO rescue team iko hadi n.a. IEBC yake yenye haina chiloba….. BOSS si m-organise elections nchi isonge mbele !!

Cathy Stephen: Does it mean that GOK was unable to recover the bodies?

Annah David: good work…. remember also to pay suuppliers..

Natasha Carlos: Miheso it happened on Saturday. You could have done it the same day mhesh

Elizabeth Waitathu: I thought it’s three bodies were recovered by yesterday….. Well, Thats what was reported

Dean Van Castel: sonko nkaa ugonjwa. ako kila mahali.

Roba Wa Ivy: Crocodiles had a good breakfast

Mali Ya Mungu: Sasa leo ndo umepata Divers?

Marsella Gumo Nyamu: Hope you find the bodies

Governor Vinnah Molloh: Kwani bado wako tu ndaaaani ndaaaani ya flamingoes lake?

Alex Cheche: Good job Kenya lifesaving federation

Jymoh Ule Msee: Keep working tirelessly

Dempsy Jairus Ule Muarsenaly: huyu jamaa si unapenda pr





  1. Abdul Hussein : October 24, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    This is too late Sonko

  2. Wish u did this on that fateful day

  3. Nxt timw fly them on time

  4. 3 days later……….this is a no for me

  5. This is PR but let them help find the bodies at-least for burial

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  8. Ignore the haters and keep up the good job Mr. Mhesh

  9. Leaders lead by example. Sonko usiwahi choka kusaidia watu. Hakunanga kitu kama too late when it comes to helping people.

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  11. That was recovery not rescue.

  12. instead of thanking sonko your complaining….kwani how stupid are some of you?

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  14. Yes desperate times need desperate measures, but should we be creating more casualties, by deploying non-Rescue Diver Standards-RDS certified personnel to undertake such risky search and recover manoeuvres?
    The stringent basic minimum of at least 25 logged open water dives with not less than 30 hours bottom time in the past one year, is a good critique point to start with, where were this divers certified yet there is no certifying body in Kenya. Nor do they possibly possess any diver qualifications ratified for equivalences obtained elsewhere but acceptable to Kenyan Rescue Diver Standards albeit non-existent at this point in time ?
    Who performed their pre-dive medical checks to ascertain their fitness to perform the cumbersome duties for the day?
    The only other equivalent certification would be NDOC initiated and conducted under the goodwill of a National Disaster Preparedness Program, by the Kenya Navy Clearance Diving Unit-CDU, unfortunately we do not have such in place at the moment.
    How many of these Sonko-Special Divers have a log mark of having attained the basic 800 yards on the surface in full scuba gear within 25 minutes. Or have ever performed the basics such as Skin Diving Ditch and Recovery, Scuba Diving Ditch and Recovery, Scuba Equipment Exchange, Buddy Breathing Without A Safe Second and Scuba Bailout or better still have undergone and passed the basic RDS training entailing-:
     Practical Knowledge of Pressure Related Accidents
     Practical Knowledge Physiology & First Aid
     Practical Knowledge Marine Life & Environment
     Practical Knowledge of Dive Tables
     Practical Knowledge of Diving Physics
     Practical Knowledge of Boat Operations
    Yes we need such a resource yesterday, but should we really be doing it for the sake of cheap media brownies and whilst at it possibly creating another disaster within a disaster?

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  16. Idiots criticism from those who did nothing but think they can open their ugly mouth with stupid comments. Sonko had no obligation to send his team. The government should have retrieved the bodies at the earliest time possible. Keep up the good work, Sonko.

  17. Sonko, as a Governor you should have done better. I also know he may have wished well but it probably didn’t come out as expected.I have been preoccupied with Kenya politics but now have taken a break and this why I can read this story. I also want to make some money and a friend just recommended this site Anyone with experience with this site?

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