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Sorry ladies! Comedienne Mammito publicly declares her undying love for Eddie Butita

November 17, 2020 at 16:15
Sorry ladies! Comedienne Mammito publicly declares her undying love for Eddie Butita

We all love Mammito and can’t seem to get enough of her jokes as seen on her social media pages. Well there are also those who love her for her curves and although her tailor may have let her down with the red birthday gown; her bikini photos confirmed that she indeed has a body like a Maserati!

Unluckily for her admires, it appears that Mammito will not be single in this life; probably in the next but only if Butita will not be there. Well, the two continue to prove that they remain in love through their special posts shared on social media.

This time around the two have given fans and haters a reason to talk and just when we thought they were done parading their love; Mammito dropped a bomb leaving many single ladies dying with envy and the single fellas feeling challenged!

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True Love

For the kamati ya roho chafu I guess mtawachana tu  remains as a phrase since Mammito already confessed her undying love for Butita.

The comedienne revealed this in a post directed to Eddie Butita as he marked yet another year in his life. Through her instagram page Mammito unveild a sweet photo with her lover to which she captioned;

Happy birthday engineer himuselfu. To many more. I love you @EddieButita

Mammito to Eddie

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At this rate we should probably be preparing ourselves for a wedding as this two continue to prove that relationships are not all about publicity; but achieving lifetime goals! Anyway let’s see how the relationship goes.




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