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South African Pastor Benjamin Dube gives yo reason to go back to church in this jam “Hold me tight”(video)

October 24, 2019 at 17:49

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Remember when you’d go to church and dance your heart out in praise and worship? Yeah, that moment when you would feel as though heavens are coming down and you going to heaven. Well, with the long desire to have  this kind of praise and worship team in your church, just have it on your phone instead buy Pastor Benjamin Dube.

South African gospel songwriter, singer, music producer and pastor Benjamin Dube has dropped another video of  a song dubbed “Hold me tight”.

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This a remix of the original  “Hold me tight” from his 2003 album “For every mountain” . Previously he had done it as a music video that had some bit of traditional dressing. However the new version has more pomp and color to add to it.

As you know south Africans have a way of making Praise songs exciting.

Hold me tight

This is a  song that seeks the presence of God in his life as he seeks direction in life. Dube being lead in the song  starts off with the story of Jonah as reference.

Benjamin Dube of Hold me tight

Okay, we getting biblical.I mean the story about Jonah and how he disobeyed God’s orders to go to Nineveh and instead went to Tarshish. God in his power  got him swallowed by a fish that got him to his destination after three days.

I mean that is what the Bible says.

As Pastor Dube  uses this example he sends the message of hope before we lose our way. He asks God to “Hold me Jesus! Hold me tight,in your Loving arms, Before I lose my way….”

Then goes the main verse of the worldly negativity about how God is not there and he declares God’s presence with affirmation. This a message to the people who lost hope that God never abandons his own.


The song goes on in repetition and the church is seen dancing and praising God. Something many of our churches lack today. The instrumentation, back up and general output was well done. This gives you every reason to go back to church.

Well, lets do some dancing and praise to God and tell us what you think.

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