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“Stop lying! Do you even know how we paid our maternity bill?” Mr Seed’s fiancé attacks Bahati

March 12, 2019 at 08:49
“Stop lying! Do you even know how we paid our maternity bill?” Mr Seed’s fiancé attacks Bahati

Bahati this last weekend shared quite a long story talking about how he helped his former EMB signed artists.

According to his posts, Bahati confessed to have always helped the likes of David Wonder and Mr Seed. Bahati says that they never made any profits but he only suffered loses since the artists he had signed did not bring in cash.

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The gospel artist went on to “shame” his former buddies in a way not many would expect.

Mr Seed’s fiancé steps in

However turns out that Mr Seed’s girlfriend had been following up on the story through her Instagram page.

Having seen what Bahati wrote about her man, Nimo Gachuiri left several detailed comments correcting Bahati.

Nimo Gachuiri denied everything Bahati had been saying about her baby’s father and David Wonder since she witnessed it all. In fact according to the new Mum in town; Bahati was the only one who benefited from the hard work Seed and the others put into EMB records.

She went on to add,






  1. bahati should grow up!Kumbuka ulikotoka na mahali umefika ni kwa neema…Prides goes before a fall.

  2. Pretenders are worse than murderers. Bahati’s EMB’s a fraud to Kenyan artists. So unprofessional run with his sugar mama Diana Marua. Tuombeeni Bahati afungue macho aache kukaliwa chapati.

  3. Emmy-too harsh on tha said lady.spare her a bit!

  4. Bahati kiburi itakumaliza io tu

  5. Bishop Katembe : March 13, 2019 at 5:05 am

    When the right hand helps, the left hand shouldn’t know.

  6. Catalyst blac : March 13, 2019 at 6:43 am

    Tenda wema nenda zako….That’s why I have never been impressed by this bahati…

  7. Willie Jones Preacher : March 13, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Forgiveness is mandatory, wether the offender or the offended no one has right to hold grudge against the other both face same punishment from God.

  8. Baha Diana amekukalia chapati sasa wataka kupitiliza kwa familia ya seed shame on you Bahati.Nkt God will never forgive you…..when you see others being lifted up unaanza kujisifu eti we ndo sababu ya kuinuliwa kwao ,,,,your downfall is coming na utakimbilia seed ukiomba msaada.kumbuka aliyejuu mngoje chini

  9. We know very well place bahati ametoka.God thro watu ka bishop ben bahati,wallace and etc ndio wamemshika mkono hadi akafika place ako.the only thing amesahau ni place ametoka so anaona seed was there always for pliz bro seed pride comes after a fall na mwenye unamdharau huyo soon anaeza kuwa juu yako coz ya mungu ni mengi.Ask God for wisdom bro coz hio yote ni vanity.

  10. What goes around comes around leo ni seed kesho ni baha

  11. Baha thank God for where you are and pray for wisdom

  12. Shame on you ben 10 wa Diana…hv neva liked yu since wen yu married someone older than you.

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