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“Stop m*sturb*ting, we want kids you idiots!” Huddah tells boy child

April 20, 2020 at 15:09
“Stop m*sturb*ting, we want kids you idiots!” Huddah tells boy child

Yes things are currently thick for many men and women who are still single and living alone!

After the government ordered for a ‘lockdown’ to reduce spreading the coronavirus; many have been left on dry spell and the only way to make things easy for themselves is by taking matters into their hands….literally!

Huddah Monroe´s man funded her b*ob job

However Huddah now feels that this needs to stop since masturbation lowers sex drive in both men and women!

According to her, most men who masturbate are likely to have low sperm count and will not be able to get their women pregnant.

Choking the monkey

Going through most posts on social media, it is  evident to see that many men have been sharing memes encouraging each other to choke the monkey; if quarantine remains mandatory!

Socialite Huddah

Well, Huddah now feels that this need to stop since many know nothing about the effects caused by masturbation on a fail basis. Through her Instagram story the lass wrote;

And I don’t know which men/women need to hear this but stop masturbating too much!

lol! That shit kills your sex drive! In both! Masturbation weakens the hormone responsible for producing sperms….we want kids you idiots!

Huddah’s sex talk

In previous posts seen before, Huddah has always been honest about her sex life!

Unlike most celebrities she enjoys sharing detailed posts talking about her sex life; and for some reason also teaches women one or two things to improve their bedroom skills!

Apart from playing with herself, Huddah once revealed that she enjoys playing with toys but mostly; she likes her boyfriend’s more!

To her, sex is nothing but beautiful art from God which humans have now turned into a game; business and of course weapon!

Begging for D

Just a few weeks ago, Huddah revealed that breaking up with her boyfriends has lately been hard as she misses getting the D; once the break up is final.

Through her gram, Huddah talked about the D humbling her in a post where she wrote;

Huddah’s post




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