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Street couple photographed enjoying sandy beach in Diani a few days after their Valentine’s make over!

February 28, 2018 at 14:30
Street couple photographed enjoying sandy beach in Diani a few days after their Valentine's make over!

Popular street couple virginia and Sammy aka Blackie have been the talk of town since Valentine’s Day. This is after a photographer by the name of Muchiri Frames shared their before and after photos.

The two apparently met and fell in love while living in the streets and despite not having anywhere to sleep or live; their relationship has since been strong.

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They were however discovered by Muchiri Frames who shared their photos making them an internet sensation. Luckily for them, Bonfire adventures offered to pay for their 3 day baby in Diani.

Through Muchiri Frames Instagram account he wrote saying;

“Then His light shines upon you NO heights will be too high for you to soar and no coasts will be too wide for you to traverse…A testimony that is coming to life as Blackie, Virginia and Pharma are enjoying themselves in Diani courtesy of @bonfireadventures. Their experiences are hilarious, heart melting and life changing…The story is weaving beautifully.”

Anyway below are photos of the lovely couple enjoying their vacation with one of their friends.





  1. wow

  2. mmmh nice

  3. wow, they are a perfect match

  4. match made on the streets lol

  5. They never imagined such, ya Mungu ni mengi

  6. looking lovely and clean you cant imagine they are from the streets

  7. I give them some months and they will be back on the streets.Their story was sensationalized to market businesses that after some time won’t give a crap about them.I haven’t heard of them being given any income generating activities

  8. So sad.. After the lady realises how rich life is interesting she’ll leave him for a richer guy

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