Stress or just losing weight? Photos of Wema Sepetu looking gracefully thin surface online

December 17, 2018 at 11:39
Stress or just losing weight? Photos of Wema Sepetu looking gracefully thin surface online

Wema Sepetu is known to be an all round woman with big booty and crazy curves. But not anymore, the former Tanzanian beauty queen has shed most of her weight and she now looks thin and tall.

Wema’s journey to losing weight began in May 2018 with the highly controversial trip to India where up to date it’s not clear whether she underwent Gastric bypass surgery or some surgery to do with her fertility.

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Stress or just losing weight?

Wema Sepetu’s career took a nosedive after intimate photos and video with a man she said was her future husband leaked two months ago. She was banned from acting for an unspecified period of time following the sexually explicit video.

Well, Wema could be losing weight because of the stress, or maybe because of the alleged Gastric bypass surgery. See photos below:

Wema before weight loss


The thin Wema Sepetu





some said she underwent




  1. It could be stress or she is just losing weight

  2. Wema what’s going on?

  3. Maisha huwa hivyo,plus if she is okay,what’s the problem?

  4. She could be going through something..lets give her space

  5. She looks awesome….maintain that.

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